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Jack'n Jill

Principle of Jack'n Jill:

I dance with a random partner, on a random music. It's a bit scary, but it's always a good time, sharing, complicity and good memories.

Rewards: Trophies, passes and surprises! ...


The Jack'n Jill (except sophisticated) are officially listed at the WSDC.


New Comer

no point yet :-)


less than 16 points in Novice


More than 16 points in Novice and less than 30 points in Intermediate


More than 30 points in Intermediate and less than 45 points in Advanced

All Stars

At least 45 points in advanced



35 years old at least

Strictly High & Low

II dance with the partner who don't have the same level as mine.

Follower high / Leader low

The 2 dancers must be in Inter category at most

Follower low / leader high

At least one of the 2 dancers is in Advanced or All Stars category

Others categories

- Rising Star
- Classic
- Showcase

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